Brass Sand Timer Hour Glass Sandglass Clock 1Minute


  • DURATION: 1 minute ( Variation +- 20 Seconds )
  • DIMENSION : Height 3 inches , Width : 1.5 inches , MATERIAL : Glass & Brass
  • USAGE : Yoga / Tea Boiling / Medication
  • DESCRIPTION : This is a reproduction of Vintage Sand timers . This is new and unused sand timer .It has two connected vertical glass bulbs allowing a regulated trickle of sand from the top to the bottom. Once the top bulb is empty , it can be inverted to begin timing again. we have already set the time on sand . it will run as per our description time limit.
  • Note: These sands timers are designed for games, decorations, souvenirs, not a precision timing device, so may be a little time deviation. Meanwhile, sand flowing speed can be affected by temperature.

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Handcrafted Brass Sand Timer Hour Glass Sandglass Clock Ideal for Exercise Antique Nautical D├ęcor Theme, Height 3 Inches 1 Minutes


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