Brass Chess Board Game Storage Box (14×14 Inch)


14″x14″ Handcrafted Chess Board made of 100% Brass Sheet. Internal Square size on board is approx 1.25 inch.
Chess Pieces made from 100% Brass and painted to give it the Shiny Black and Silver Finish
King is 3.5 Inch High. Other pieces are proportional to the King’s height.
Base of the Chess board is Wood to give it strength and desired thickness
This product is 100% handmade by skilled Artisans. We support Artisans and want to conserve the arts & crafts of old times.

Return: 7 Days

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SHORO Collectible Soviet Inspired Metal Brass Chess Board Game Set with 100% Brass Pieces with Velevet Storage Box (14×14 Inch)



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